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Woman Adopts Guardian Angel Dog Who Saved Her From Being Attacked By Two Men


Image Credit: Facebook/PetFinder

Guardian angels can take many shapes and in the case of Georgia Bradley, her hero came in a shape of a dog.

Georgia is a student from Plymouth University in England, decided to take a vacation with her boyfriend to the island of Crete, in Greece. One day she went out by herself to take a stroll along a remote stretch of the beach when two men approached her. 

Image Credit: Facebook/PetFinder

She immediately knew she was in danger and when she refused their invitation to go for a drink, things took a turn for the worse and the men became very aggressive, forcibly grabbing her by the arm.

At that moment, she felt helpless, since the beach was empty and she hadn’t seen a person in sight. That’s when out of nowhere, a black dog comes from behind the bushes in the sand, barking very loud and charging toward the cowardly men who were trying to grab Georgia.

Image Credit: Facebook/PetFinder

With fears of attracting attention to themselves, the men released Georgia and ran away, giving her enough time to run to safety. Surprisingly, the dog followed her to the hotel, almost as to escort her and make sure she was safe.

Georgia bonded with the dog instantly and named her Pepper. She noticed that Pepper was a stray dog, abandoned in the streets to fend for herself, sitting mostly outside bars and restaurants to get the attention of tourists and maybe get some scraps of food.

Seeing her little hero suffering like that broke Georgia’s heart and before she left the island to go back to England, she tried to find a home for Pepper in an animal shelter to no avail.

When they left for the airport, they could see Pepper running after their car. It was heartbreaking. Back in England, Georgia couldn’t stop thinking about her little friend and decided to go back to Crete to try to find Pepper and bring her back home with her.

It took her a couple trips to Crete to find the dog but she finally found her little hero on the same beach they met under different circumstances. Pepper recognized Georgia right away and that was the beginning of their life together.

Image Credit: Facebook/PetFinder

Georgia brought Pepper to the vet, got her microchipped and all the vaccines. She was issued a passport and had to be quarantined for 21 days before she could join the student to their new home in England.

Pepper had a happy surprise to her new mom. Two weeks after settling in her new home, Georgia gave birth to six happy puppies!

Image Credit: Facebook/PetFinder

“It has been such a crazy journey. But I am over the moon. Pepper has settled in brilliantly,” Georgia said to The Telegraph.

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Image Credit: Facebook/PetFinder 
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