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This Video Of A Ferret Mom Showing Off Her Babies To Her Human Will Melt Your Heart


Image Credit: Youtube screenshot

If you’re having a rough day and can’t wait for the weekend to start, we might have just about the cutest thing to get you through the day.

Every mom is proud of their baby, and this ferret momma is no different. After giving birth to her sweet babies, she wanted to show her human how cute they were, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer!

In the cutest way, she guides her human’s hand to the box where she keeps her babies. Her human acknowledges the babies by petting them, but the mom doesn’t think that’s enough and as he starts to pull his hand away from the babies, the insisting mom comes back and grabs his hand again, as to say: ” I don’t really think you understand, dad. Come back here and look at how awesome my babies are!”

It is clear she really wants him to acknowledge her greatest achievement and also wants him to spend some quality time with her precious bundle of joy.

Baby ferrets are known as kits. They are born deaf, blind and almost furless. Over time, their hair grows to a grey color fur, but only after 3 weeks you’ll be able to see what fur color they will develop.

Regardless of how beautiful they will turn out, they will always have one proud, loving mama.

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