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These Cotton Candy Burritos Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Cotton candy is part of a food group that evokes a feeling of happiness and nostalgia to virtually everyone. Until now, we only knew how to enjoy it in its classical form, spun sugar on a stick.

Sugar Sugar, an ice cream shop in Sarnia, a city in the province of Ontario, Canada invented a concoction that mixes two summer food favorites: cotton candy and ice cream into a cool sweet burrito.

The novelty food is made by flattening a large chunk of cotton candy to act as the ”tortilla” for the burrito. Then, it’s filled with the customer’s ice cream of choice.

One would think the cotton candy would not withstand the ice cream’s moisture and melt away, but the thick cotton candy ‘tortilla’ layer allows it to be flexible enough to roll it like a burrito while keeping the ice cream in place, preventing from turning it into a total frozen mess.

All the way to Canada for an ice cream burrito?

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For all the sweet tooth people out there, this dessert is not only mouthwatering but also a feast for the eyes!

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