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Comedian Gives A Christmas Morning To Total Strangers And The Result Will Warm Your Heart

Image Credit: Youtube Video Snapshot

One of Christmas most beloved traditions are the rituals that happen on its very morning. Excitement is in the air as everyone awaits to open their gifts that Santa carefully placed under the tree overnight.

Even in your adult years, it’s impossible to not get carried away with how special Christmas mornings really are, especially when you remember all the Christmases’ past, loaded with the best memories always involving being around the special people in your life.

Comedian Mark Gagnon, always believed that one of the best feelings in life was to be a kid on Christmas morning and decided he wanted to share that feeling with total strangers in downtown Orlando, Florida.

Image Credit: Youtube Video Snapshot

He gathered some of his friends and set up a living room in a street corner, complete with sofas, a fireplace with stockings and decorated it with a Christmas tree and family photos, where he invited complete strangers to just sit down, open a present and enjoy Christmas morning with him.

The unusual set up looked very intriguing and some people decided to accept his invitation to sit down, have a pleasant conversation and open a present. As the people unwrapped their presents, it was clear that some were more touched than others.

Image Credit: Youtube Video Snapshot

As Mark talks to them about their best Christmas memories, it’s clear that the best memories that stayed with them were not about the gifts they had received, but with whom they had shared those memories with.

This experience just confirms what we have always known to be true; it’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s gathered around it.

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