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This Vet Clinic Is Offering The Perfect Job For Cat Lovers


If your idea of a perfect job is to hang out with cats every day, then this Vet Clinic in Dublin, Ireland might be able to help you.

The only qualifications you have to be able to fill are:

  • Do you love cats?
  • Are you considered a crazy cat person?
  • Have you counted kittens before you went to sleep?
  • Do you feed stray cats?
  • Does petting cats make you feel all warm and cozy?

If you answered yes to a few or all of these questions, you may qualify to apply for this job!

Just Cats Veterinary Clinic and Cattery is as their name already states, a cat only clinic, but they don’t discriminate other animal species, like dogs.

The position they want to fill is for a full-time cat cuddler, someone who can pet and stroke cats for long periods of time, with gentle hands and a calming voice to help their patients to feel more at ease at the clinic. If you’ve ever brought a cat to the vet, you know why this job position makes total sense.

It is also a plus if you’re able to identify and understand different types of purrs.

If this might sound like the job you’d like to have for the rest of your life, you can apply for it here.

Just in case you can’t leave everything and move to Dublin to fill this job, you can do basically the same thing, minus the salary, by volunteering at your local animal shelter. Their loving kitties will appreciate any attention you can give them until they can find a forever home.

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