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This Girl Stuck To A Diet For A Year And The Results Are Impressive

Wonderful things can happen in our lives if we only stick to a plan all the way to the end, even in the face of obstacles and adversities to reach our goals. The results will not only impress but also inspire those around you.

Katie Write is a 25-year-old from Australia. From her healthy looks and impressive muscular body, many could not tell that only a year earlier Katie struggled to find the energy to do basically anything. Her long work hours made it easy for her to make bad food choices and her diet consisted of all types of junk food, chips, candy, cookies, ice cream and large portions of home cooked meals. Sometimes she would even eat two dinners; a takeout on her way home and a large home cooked meal.

Growing up, she was active and played sports, but was always a bit chubby. Her weight started going up when she went to college and began to drink more alcoholic drinks and stopped paying attention to her diet.



Katie’s new job required her to be on her feet, and by the end of the day, they hurt so much she could barely drive home. That’s when she realized a total lifestyle change was in order.



She began by ditching all unhealthy foods and started cutting down portion sizes drastically.  In the first two weeks, she had already dropped 18 pounds! She started exercising 6 days a week and the pounds started to drop even faster.



Seven months after starting her weight loss journey, she had lost a whopping 88 pounds.

She credits her natural weight loss success to changing her eating habits, exercising and developing self-control when it comes to food portions. She still indulges in her favorite foods, but eats just enough to satisfy her cravings.



In less than a year, Katie lost a total of 110 pounds and maintains her newfound trim and stunning figure by eating clean, building muscle, motivating and inspiring others through her YouTube channel and Instagram account.



In an interview to the blog Taylamadestrength, Katie says: ”I think to start a healthy lifestyle you just need to be willing to change and actually want to change for yourself. Gradually work healthy habits into your everyday life, whether it is signing up to a gym, finding a buddy to keep you on track or telling someone what you’re committing to, everything helps.  Everyone has their own little tricks and tips but the main piece of advice is to just start! Nothing is going to change if you don’t change yourself.”


Little bit of #mondaymotivation for you all ???? If you're fairly new to my account, welcome!! ??? Read on for a quick snap shot of my story and how far I have come ☝?️?? . At my heaviest, I weighed in at 120kgs ? (this was at the beginning of 2013) and it was around that time that I made some changes and decided to try and drop some weight-little did I know how far I would come! I significantly reduced my calorie intake and portion sizes and cut out all fast food and alcohol. I began to exercise regularly (mostly cardio to begin with) and to be honest, my body responded way quicker that what I ever expected. By August of the same year I had lost 40kgs ?? Way more than I ever thought I could lose or was hoping to lose. Throughout these 7 months I stuck to clean, whole foods and kept training, there were NO shakes, fad diets, weight loss tablets or quick fixes-I worked hard! My motivation was the weight loss I was seeing along with peoples amazing reactions and compliments, and of course fitting into normal clothes! I began to incorporate crossfit and weight based functional training along with cardio and it took me a total of 18months (around June 2014) to reach my lowest weight, which was 65.4kgs-a loss of 54.6kgs (but let's just call it 55kgs ?) Since then, I have successfully kept the weight off and due to muscle gain and a more balanced lifestyle, I am now sitting at around 70-75kgs?? . By sharing my story, I really want people to see that it is achievable! I never set out to lose 55kgs, I honestly thought I would struggle to get under 100kgs, so don't stop. I am still working on my body and honestly don't know if I will ever be content, but I sure know that I am so proud of what I have achieved and especially of maintaining such a huge weight loss. . So thank you all for supporting my journey and reminding me of how far I've come. I am absolutely overwhelmed with how quickly my account has grown already and can't believe I'm almost at 80k! I hope to inspire many more and can't wait to change other people's lives with my story ??

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