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Chivalry is not dead! Little Boy Tips His Hat to Princesses at Disney World Parade

A little boy went viral on TikTok after his mom uploaded a video of him attending a parade at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

In the video, the little boy is seeing tipping his hat to every Disney princess who went by the parade, like a true old-fashioned gentleman! In the video you can see the princesses’ reactions to how sweet it was to see a little boy show a sign of respect that nowadays is something you normally see, especially with the younger generations.

His mom, Vanessa Guedert, was praised for raising such a sweet and polite young gentleman. “He’s an incredible child, exceptionally well mannered, glad,” Guedert revealed to Fox News. “He cherishes Disney films, for example, ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘The Incredibles, ‘Beasts Inc.’ however his most loved is ‘Toy Story.'”

I guess he learned a thing or two from Woody!

All it took was a 4-year-old gentleman to remind us that chivalry is pretty much alive. Take a look for yourself!

Via fox13 news original

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