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Man Surprised By Note On His Car Finds Out He Made A Kid’s Day


Image Credit: Imgur/rkloepfer243000

If you have ever been around a child for more than a few minutes, you can attest that kids have a wild imagination, especially if they are presented with an object or a situation that could possibly bring that imagination come to life.

Reddit user Doc_Toboggan shared an unusual handwritten note left on the windshield of his car. Normally, if you find one of these notes, it’s usually to tell you messed up somehow by either parking wrongly or that someone nailed your car and left their contact info.

In his case, it was a rather sweet note that made his day and of the person who wrote it as well.

The note, left by one of his neighbors, describes how his 4-year-old son started watching Transformers a few weeks ago and when he saw the flashy muscle car, the little boy automatically assumed the blue Dodge Challenger was a robot in its disguise and not just a plain old car.

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The note read:

”Hello! My son just started watching Transformers a few weeks ago. He is almost 4-years-old and may or may not have slapped your car a few times to try and wake him up (sorry).

We took a few pictures of him with your car, you honestly made his day (and honestly skewed his perception of reality for the next decade). Thank you and Happy 4th of July!”

In the end, the little boy wasn’t so wrong to think he was actually staring at a Transformers robot in disguise since the car did have an autobot emblem on the sides of it. His imagination wasn’t too far off.

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