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Watch The Funny Moment Girl Proposes To Her Nurse After Coming Out of Surgery


Youtube snapshot

A lot can happen when you just get out of surgery. The anesthesia still in you, you get a bit groggy, dazed, confused and reality may seem a bit warped. In some people, the reaction makes them lose all inhibitions that would somehow prevent them from saying something they would regret later on.

After coming out of surgery for a broken arm, this girl was still under the effects of anesthetics when she suddenly became infatuated with her male nurse.

”I love you sooooo much!” the girl says.

The nurse, ever so patient, held her hand and played along with her story, even when she proposed to him!

The whole exchange is very cute and we have a slight suspicion that the girl will be very embarrassed to watch herself profess her love to someone she had just met!

The male nurse was a sweetheart, patient and kind to her. No wonder she fell head over heels for him!

We can only hope there was a spark between the two of them after she woke up…

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