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Mom Donates Her Wedding Dress For a Beautiful Cause That Will Make You Cry

Justi Underwood Bates

Children are always a blessing and the birth of a new baby into this world is a reason for much celebration. For the families, everything becomes brighter and colorful!

From the moment the little munchkin is born, parents are overcome with joy and happiness, but for some parents, those beautiful, one of a kind moments are replaced by the sadness and sorrow of losing their little angels. Some of the babies will fight for days, even months at NICU units, hanging on to their lives while others don’t even make it a whole hour alive.

When time comes to lay their precious bundle to rest, most parents find it unbearable to go shopping for special little clothes to dress their angel for the last time.

Thankfully, there are still special and loving people in this world who care for those parents in distress and want to make a difference in their most difficult hour.

One of these people is Justi Underwood Bates. She wanted to make a difference in those parents’ lives. She sent her wedding dress, that otherwise would be kept as a beautiful memento from her wedding day, to be made into tiny little angel gowns to babies that didn’t get to go home.

She received 17 little gowns that were sent to the NICU unit at the Vanderbilt Hospital, where she hopes they will never be used.

Her post about this selfless act went viral, bringing more awareness to this difficult event many parents all over the world have faced.

The Angel Gown Program, run by the Helping Hands Organization, in Fort Worth, Texas aims to help and support emotionally parents that are faced with the difficult situation of having their newborn admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

They provide emotional and educational support for parents with their hospitalized babies, as well as Angel Gowns for the babies who didn’t make it.

If you want to make a difference in those families lives, please consider helping this beautiful project.

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Justi Underwood Bates

Justi Underwood Bates
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