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Kids Were Playing In A Park After A Snowstorm. A Few Cops Stopped Them And You Won’t Believe What They Did!



We always hear in the news about policemen being called to separate people fighting, but never hear about cops getting themselves involved in fights.

During this week’s heavy snowstorm that hit most of the US northeastern states, a few cops were patrolling an area of North Bergen, New Jersey, when they spotted a few kids at a local park’s playground.

The officers decided to stop, using their free time to challenge the kids to a snowball fight, which they promptly accepted. They set up the rules and even gave the children height advantage! In the video below, you can see how the kids and the cops had a great time playing together!

The snowball fight wasn’t the only winter activity the officers got involved post blizzard. They also challenged the neighborhood kids to a sled race. This time, there was no advantage to the kids and one of the officers won the race!


With so many negative news surrounding cops nowadays, it’s refreshing to see these officers building a positive relationship with the community as well serving as a role model to kids, teaching them police officers should be trusted, not feared.  

Simple acts like these can shape one’s view of an entire police force, who most often than not, sacrifice their lives for complete strangers on a daily basis and deserve our respect. A few bad apples don’t spoil a whole bunch.

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