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A Real Sister Act! Meet The Nuns Who Formed A Successful Rock Band And Are Captivating The World

Image Source: Facebook

Whenever most people think of nuns, they automatically think of habit-wearing ladies with a stern face who live in reclusion and their only outings are to go to church and teach at Catholic schools.

People’s perceptions and assumptions about nuns are often times very restrictive, not allowing for a second thought that these ladies chose to be nuns as their vocation, but they didn’t have to give up who they are as a person, with a personality, skills, talents and passions.

A group of unconventional nuns from Peru don’t agree with that stereotype. They believe nuns have so much more to offer and to spread a message of hope and love, they formed a rock band. You might think that’s a very unusual activity for nuns, but after watching them perform, you’ll become a fan!

Image Credit: YouTube Video Screenshot

Their band is called ”Siervas” (”The Servants” in Spanish) and is comprised of 12 nuns from all over the world. They are passionate about music and spreading a positive message to a younger audience is their goal.

After uploading a video clip of ”Confía in Dios” (”Trust In God”) of their first album to YouTube, they became an instant hit, with the video amassing more than 750.000 views.

Since then, they have performed for the Pope and a crowd of over 250.000 people in Juarez, Mexico.

Image Credit: Facebook

With their inspirational attitude and upbeat music, they are gaining more and more fans by the day, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The sisters are happy to have found a way to encourage people and spread the message of the Gospel, one song at a time.

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