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Baby Girl Sits Down To Eat With Her Parents. What She Does Next Will Melt Your Heart

Image Credit: YouTube Snapshot

One thing parents are certain, babies don’t follow directions. They are very smart, but their growing curiosity keeps them from focusing on only one thing at a time. Sometimes, when you really beg and try to get their attention they will indulge you only for a brief moment and then get back to whatever they are doing.

John and Elizabeth Incorvaia are the proud parents of a very smart and focused 20-month-old. The father uploaded a video to YouTube where his little girl, Eloise, joins hands with him and his wife to say grace before their meal while keeping her eyes closed during the whole prayer. Just like an adult, but way cuter! The little ”Amen” she lets out at the end of the prayer is just too precious.

In an interview to Fox News, Elizabeth said that they ”Want to instill a love of God in their children that they can always take comfort in.”

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