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Is It A Cat Or A Dog? Mysterious Pet Intrigues The Internet and Goes Viral


He has a deathly stare and looks like he wants to dominate the world. But is he a cat or a dog? That’s what someone asked on Twittersince from his looks, he could be either. Thousands responded to the question and as it turns out, he’s a cat.

His name is Atchoum and he is a famous Instagram Persian kitty that has more than 162.000 followers. He’s also one of the characters of a children’s book about friendship, kindness and what makes each of us special and unique, called ”Atchoum and Oreo, “First Day of School”.

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He hails from Quebec, Canada, where he lives with his human parents and siblings, as well as 3 other cats. His mom, Nathalie, is a groomer at a vet clinic and when her boss received him as a gift, Nathalie fell in love with him and asked if he could be adopted by her.

Atchoum was born in 2014 and his looks are very unique. He’s the only known cat in the world to have a rare congenital disorder called hypertrichosis, also known as Werewolf syndrome, which causes his hair to grow fast and continuously as well as thicken his claws. Because of that, he had to be declawed.

Apart from his mad scientist look, Atchoum is just like any other sweet and smart kitty. According to his website , he loves his family and his family loves him back, he enjoys playing the ‘Cat Playground’ game on iPad and loves to wake everybody up in the morning by shaking the shower door. He’s also very curious, especially about the fridge’s ice cube machine. It fascinates him!

”Some people say my wild furs and intense amber eyes make me look like a dog, an owl, a mad scientist, a Gremlin, Lorax or the Grinch but I’m happy to be me. I love life and love sharing my adventures every day with you!

We can all agree that Atchoum’s got an awesome attitude toward life, regardless of how his looks are perceived. After all, he’s a one-of-a-kind, stunning kitty!

You can follow Atchoum’s adventures on Instagram 

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