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Loving Scene Of A Rescue Dog Sharing Her Puppies With Her Foster Mom Will Melt Your Heart

Image Credit: Facebook/Stevoni Wells Doyle

As any new mom can attest, motherhood is filled with insecurities about their babies daily needs. They are tired, sleep deprived and sometimes a bit unsure of how to care for their baby. There’s a whole new world to learn about and their little munchkin doesn’t really care if they’re not up to speed. Their only responsibility is to look cute!

With a mama dog is no different. They need to feel safe, pampered and know they have someone they can trust and count on to help when they need, just like human moms.

In Grayce’s case, she really needs all the help she can get since she has given birth to 11 cute puppies, 10 boys and a girl! She’s a beautiful pitbull rescue who was neglected at her previous home and needed a safe environment to give birth to her puppies. She couldn’t have found a better person to take care of her and her babies.

She was placed to live at the home of Stevoni Wells Doyle, an experienced foster mom to dogs in desperate need of a home. Grayce had been living with Stevoni for 3 weeks. That was enough time to form a loving bond with her new mom.

Image Credit: Facebook/Stevoni Wells Doyle

Two days after giving birth to her puppies, Grayce surprised her foster mom by placing her puppies on Stevoni’s lap, one by one, all eleven of them! Her gesture melted Stevoni’s heart and shows how much she trusts her new mom.

In an interview with TheDodo, the foster mom said: ”I think she feels unsure still as a new mom, and she needed love and reassurance from someone she loves and trusts.”

Stevoni has fostered hundreds of dogs, but none of them has trusted her with her puppies like Grayce did. ”I was honored that she chose me to trust with her pups and herself. I’m still overwhelmed by her love.”

Despite Grayce’s neglected past, Stevoni says she is a loving friend and mother. The sweet mom and puppies will be available to be adopted by their forever families through Rescue Rovers in the coming weeks.

Image Credit: Facebook/Stevoni Wells Doyle

”Animals need us. We are their voice and need to protect them,” Stevoni says.

If Grayce’s story has touched your heart, please contact your local animal shelter to inquire about fostering an animal in need. You can make all the difference in a loving animal’s life.

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Posted by Stevoni Wells Doyle on Monday, January 23, 2017

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