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Dog Mom Rap Is The Best Video You’ll Watch This Mother’s Day


Image Credit : Youtube video screenshot

Pets are like kids, I’m sure you heard that before. Although you didn’t actually give birth to them, they belong in your heart, like your actual child would, so why pet moms feel excluded on Mother’s Day?

They care for their babies with the same love any mother would and receive all the love their dogs or cats have in return, along with many kisses. The only difference is that those babies have four legs and are covered in fur!

Not wanting to compare dogs to children but still wanting to make dog moms feel acknowledged on  Mother’s Day, dog products subscription service BarkBox created an ”anthem” for all dog moms out there. Rappers T-Spoon and ZZ Tophalf, Barkbox employees, rap about what it is like to be a dog mom: “This song is for all the ladies who provide for their pup. When you’re a dog mom it’s just what you do. Cause they say you’re not my baby, but I know it ain’t true.”

The video is funny, adorable and totally worth sharing with your favorite pet mom!

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