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Now, that’s cool! Awesome Trampoline Bridge Concept Lets You Hop Across the Seine



Ask anyone who’s been to Paris what’s it like and they will all tell you the same thing; it’s a magical city.

Every year, the City of Lights attracts millions of tourists looking to enjoy and soak up the culture, history, museums, architecture and cuisine.

For couples in love, it’s the most romantic city in the world.

But there is one thing Paris hasn’t yet been associated with: super fun, silly fun.

That’s what French-based Architecture Firm Atelier Zundell Cristea had in mind when they submitted a proposal to build a bridge from donut shaped trampolines made out of PVC membrane to bounce across the Seine Rive

In 2012 ArchTriumph, a publisher and organizer of Architecture competitions, promoted and International competition for architects to come up a fresh and contemporary concept for a new bridge to cross over the Seine River.  The design, which called for a new icon or landmark, had to be ”bold, elegant and differentiate itself from the existing 37 bridges in Paris”.

In the concept submission, the architects wrote:

“It appears to us that Paris already has the bridges and passages necessary for the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic across its waterways. Our intention is to invite its visitors and inhabitants to engage on a newer and more playful path across this same water.”

”The Bouncy Bridge Project” went viral and a prototype has been produced in Spain. In an Interview to Lost At E Minor the architects say that they are in touch with prospect clients interested in the bridge concept.

On the safety side, it may not be a very practical idea, but wouldn’t it be fun to be tossed up in the air while having an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower?

Now, that is silly fun!

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Via: The Guardian 

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