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Blogger Transforms Her Body After Grandma Calls Her Fat


Jelly Devote, a 26-year-old from Sweden, knew she had to lose weight. The last picture she saw of herself in a bikini made her realize she had let herself go and needed to change her habits as soon as possible. Her granny got in the picture to give her some motivation too, sort of.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

Grandmas are supposed to be all nice, sweet and cuddly but once in a while they can get really mean, especially when they see their grandchild going down a path they know it’s just going to hurt them in the long run, but nobody has the courage to say.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

”You’ve gained a lot of weight”, her grandma said, bluntly. The mean comment about her weight hurt, especially coming from a person who had always fed her a lot of food. Sometimes a kick in the behind coming from someone you really care about is just what you need.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

She was shocked but knew her grandma was right and decided to make a change. She joined a gym and started working out. In the first four months, she lost over 30 pounds and gained a lot of motivation to keep going.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

Jelly became so devoted to her new lifestyle that she started a career out of it, motivating others that are beginning their journey on a healthier path.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

Like most of us, before committing to change her habits, she ate mostly junk and processed foods, drank a lot of alcohol and sugary drinks and never really hit the gym. At her max, she weighed 150 pounds on her 5’2 petite frame.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

Now Jelly blogs and helps people all over the world through her social media accounts with nutrition tips, sample diets and exercise recommendations. She has more than 400k Instagram followers.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

Here’s A Sample Of What She Eats In A Day:

Jelly is emphatic about consuming only clean foods in her diet, such as eggs, quinoa, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, almond milk, broccoli, salads, salmon, white fish, shrimp, nuts and avocados.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote


Oatmeal made with oats, almond milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter.


Protein shake


Salmon or cod served over a bed of quinoa, with sweet potatoes and a green salad with sliced avocados.


A handful of cashew nuts.

Before hitting the gym:

Protein shake, amino acids drink and a rice cake.


Salmon or cod served over a bed of quinoa, with sweet potatoes and a green salad with sliced hard boiled eggs.

Sample Workout:

Jelly works out 6 days a week targeting specific muscle groups in different days as well and she does a quick 30-minute cardio session on most days.

Image Credit: Jelly Devote

Monday: Legs and Glutes

Tuesday: Triceps and Abs

Wednesday: Back and Biceps

Thursday: Legs and Glutes

Friday: Freestyle

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Try new exercises and have fun!

In an interview to Gymholics, Jelly has an advice for anyone trying to change to a healthier lifestyle, ”Be yourself, listen to your body, do what you think is fun. Don’t do fitness for others, do it for yourself. It’s a journey and a commitment, not just a 14-day-detox!

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