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She Threw A Garden Tea Party And You Won’t Believe Who The Guests Are


Garden tea parties are a fine British tradition, where guests get to dress up for the occasion, wearing proper pastel outfits, pearls and stylish hats while they enjoy a lazy afternoon gossiping and nibbling on finger foods, petit fours, pastries and a variety of fine teas. That’s at least how the British have trained us to believe!

Jay Rainey, from British Columbia, Canada, lives in a cabin in the woods and decided to throw a garden tea party in her backyard for her friends, but they are not the kind you’d usually have over for tea!

She set a camera outside, undisturbed by humans and was able to capture the moment lizards, bunnies, frogs and even a snake stopped by to check out her cute little tea set. The results are nothing short of adorable!

In her own words, ”Their manners are excellent, the gossip is always juicy, and we have enchanted tea parties.”

  1. The Gecko
    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  2. The Toad
    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  3. The Snail

    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  4. The Caterpillar
    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  5. The Bunny

    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  6. The Frog
    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  7. The Snake
    Image Credit:Bored Panda


  8. The Green Frog

    Image Credit:Bored Panda

Via: Bored Panda

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