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Little Boy Gets Escorted by Police Officers To The Classroom. The Reason Behind It Will Warm Your Heart!


There are many ”firsts” in a child’s life that a parent wouldn’t miss it for the world. The first day of school is one of those moments. Most parents dread the day their little ones set off to school. They are not little babies anymore, as they adamantly try to point out, and are excited to learn new things, make new friends and ultimately, conquer the world! As emotional as any parent can be, nobody would want to miss that special moment.

Unfortunately for little Jackson, his dad wasn’t there on his first day of preschool to hug him. Police Officer Jason Scherlen of Amarillo, Texas, died earlier this month from injuries sustained from a car crash last year while on-duty.

Jason’s brothers and sisters from the Amarillo’s Police Department had a surprise for Jackson. They lined up the school hall to hug, wish good luck and escort him to the classroom. The look on Jackson’s face is priceless!

Before escorting Jackson, the Police Officers also escorted his older siblings to class.

Jessica Scherlen, Jackson’s mother, told the local news station KVII-TV  “I think Jackson really enjoyed having everyone here,” Scherlen said. “Just to know that he’s still loved by the blue family and that they still care. Emotionally, it’s awesome to see.”

Hopefully, the love and appreciation these officers showed for their fallen brother will leave a lasting impression on Jackson’s life.

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