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This School Bus Driver Knew Something Wasn’t Right, What She Did Next Saved The Lives Of All The Children On That Bus

Facebook/Fazlul Kabir

There’s no doubt moms are superheroes in disguise. The kind of superhero you can get unlimited hugs from. What else would you call a person who sacrifices everything for their children and if needed, would sacrifice her own life to save her babies?

Reneita Smith is one of those heroes. She’s a school bus driver in College Park, Maryland. Last Monday, while driving the students to school, she noticed the dashboard alarm going off. She immediately saw smoke inside the bus and flames through the rearview mirror. Her reaction was quick, getting the 20 children out of the bus into safety. Some of the children were as young as 4 year-olds.

Facebook/Fazlul Kabir

If that wasn’t enough to earn her superhero badge, she went back to the bus, now bursting into flames to make sure no child was left behind inside of the blazing bus.

Driving the kids to school and making sure everyone is safe is her job, and her mom instincts, courage and dedication were what made a difference. Thanks to her, every child got out of the bus without a scratch. If she hadn’t reacted quickly, the unspeakable would’ve certainly happened.

Smith is the mom of two kids and in an interview to NBC-4, she said: “As I’m driving that bus, they’re my babies. I’m their mom until I drop them off to their biological moms.”

The children’s parents are very fortunate to be able to entrust the transportation of their precious angels to someone so brave and caring like Reneita. In their eyes, she already earned her superhero cape!

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VIA NBC-4 Washington

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