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Heartbroken Dad Couldn’t Afford His Daughter’s Last Minute Plane Ticket. What A Total Stranger Does For Them Will Give You Goosebumps.


From time to time, we hear about ‘paying forward’ stories, where a stranger’s generosity brightened someone’s day.

A man at the airport got to experience a generous act of kindness by a complete stranger. He was checking in at the counter with his toddler daughter. The agent asked how old the little girl was and when he said she was 2 years-old, the agent asked for her plane ticket.

Unable to pay for his daughter’s ticket, or to re-book his flight, the man was heartbroken, so he stepped aside to make a few phone calls, all the while hugging his daughter as he tried to figure out a solution for their desperate situation.

A woman waiting for her turn to check-in heard the whole conversation and decided to go talk to the man. They talked quietly and a few moments later, they headed back to the check-in counter, together.

The kind lady pointed to the little girl and said: ”I want to buy her ticket.”

”You know how much this ticket costs, right?” – the agent said, in disbelief.

”700 and something?”

”$749.” – the agent responded.

The lady gave her the credit card and said: ”That’s fine”.

The man could not believe what was happening and gave the woman a hug while asking her name to repay for her kindness, to which she replied: ‘Don’t worry about it.’

This woman’s benevolent act toward the father and his daughter gave goosebumps to the check-in agent and everyone who witnessed this beautiful moment of humanity.

The inspiring story shared on Love What Matters had many comments of people saying they know the kind-hearted woman and that she is ‘ An inspiration and is constantly giving freely.”

This story warmed our hearts not only by the nature of it, but because it shows us we can still believe there are good people left in this world, and who follow the true meaning of the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Via: Love What Matters

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