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DC Comics Fans, Couple Announces Pregnancy In Sweet And Geek Photoshoot


Pregnancy announcements are a cute way for a couple to announce to family and friends that they have a new baby on the way and lately, we’ve seen a lot of creative announcements that go from sweet to weird.

So far, this baby announcement beats all the other ones we’ve seen around!

Image Credit: Imgur/Ocularis01

James and Alisha Doherty, from Tennessee, have been Batman fans for their whole lives and they didn’t have to think twice before deciding how they were going to announce they had a baby on the way.

Image Credit: Imgur/Ocularis01

They are not strangers to the Cosplay world, volunteering to dress up as Batman and Batgirl for various fundraisers, kids parties and local events.

Image Credit: Facebook/MiddleTNMan

James posted on Reddit the photoshoot pictures along with the caption ”My wife and I have a sidekick on the way.” The post went viral quickly, with many commenting how creative they were to deliver such great news.

Image Credit: Imgur/Ocularis01

The couple had a lot of fun doing their own photoshoot, and in an interview with the Huffington PostJames said, ”We are very proud, happy, and thrilled. This baby coming is the biggest blessing of our lives and we can’t wait.” 

Image Credit: Imgur/Ocularis01

The baby is due on October 31, on Halloween and we already have an inkling as to what the baby will be wearing as a costume.

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