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Chocolatier Claims To Have Created First Chocolate Bar To Help Ease Period Pain


Being a woman can be expensive. Especially at that time of the month when Aunt Flo comes to visit and bring a whole lot of problems with her.

Since the costs associated with having a period cannot be avoided, it’s nice to think that a few companies out there are trying to make better products to help us cope with this annoying, and most of the time, painful time of the month.

One of those companies is Chocolate With Lovefrom Lucerne, Switzerland. Chocolatier Marc Widmer, claims to have created the first chocolate bar to help fight the pain and discomfort brought on by the monthly visitor. Frauenmond, which literally translates to ”Woman’s Moon” contains 60% cocoa solids and has 17 types of Swiss mountain herbs in its formula.

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Speaking to the local newspaper 20 Minuten, Mr. Widmer says the herbal and chocolate combination promote a soothing effect on the body, helping alleviate discomfort and raise serotonin levels to lift the mood and create calm. He assures the chocolate bar is not a medical product, but since chocolate is the craving of choice for most women, now we have a real plausible excuse to eat it and not feel guilty about it. It’s just medicine! Just make sure you pair it with some Midol and a heating pad.

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