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Woman Notices Something Isn’t Right With A Senior Veteran At The Grocery Store And Walks Up To Him To Find Out


Image Credit: Facebook/Lisa Lemming Jackson

There’s so much bad in the world happening all around us that sometimes is easy to forget that there are still caring people out there and that somehow, we all take care of each other, one way or another.

That’s what Lisa Lemming Jackson, a senior caregiver from Georgia, learned in what she thought would be an uneventful day of going shopping at the grocery store.

Image Credit: Facebook/Lisa Lemming Jackson

Browsing through the grocery aisles, she passed an elderly gentleman in a motorized shopping cart, made eye contact and smiled at him, but instead of receiving a friendly smile back, she got a concerned look, almost as to say ‘help me”. For a brief moment, she tried to figure out what was happening and went back to the old man to ask if he needed help with anything.

His eyes teared up when he said: ”I have colon cancer and I have had a really bad accident, if I get up out of this cart everyone will know… What should I do?” He wanted to preserve his dignity and his worried look gave Lisa a lump on her throat, and somehow, she was in the right place at the right time to help this man in a time of need.

She informed the store’s employees, and right away everyone was quick to help. They provided him with fresh wipes, undergarments and clothes as well as allowing him to use the employee’s bathroom to change in privacy and Lisa didn’t leave his side.

He cried and apologized many times. He was concerned about hurrying up since he left his wife by herself at home.  When he was ready to go, they walked to the checkout line and found all his groceries bagged and paid for. He cried even harder.

During the time she spent helping him, Lisa learned that his name was Elmer and that he is a Korean and Vietnam War Veteran and said that up to that very day, he thought his country had forgotten about him. They both cried and shared their struggles and fears, but Lisa left with more than she thought she would learn that day.

Elmer encouraged and gave her much needed words of wisdom, and they both agreed that maybe we still care enough to love and help one another.

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