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After Getting Cheated On By Her Husband, New Mom Gets The Ultimate Revenge Body


Becoming a mother is said to be one of the most magical events of a woman’s life and yet, for Betsy Ayala, from Houston, Texas, it was a beautiful, but difficult moment in her life.

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She struggled with her weight for most of her life, with anxiety being the center point of it all. With the birth of her daughter Isabella and all the responsibilities that comes with being a new mom, she reached her all-time high weight at over 260 pounds. Dealing with postpartum depression just made matters worse.

#TBT … This pic was November 2013 … I was already about 20 lbs into my journey and was so excited because I could fit into my pre pregnancy size 22 jeans. I think the largest I ever wore that wasn't maternity was 24 ? … I show Isabella some of the old pics of me and she says she doesn't know who that is lol ?- I never could have imagined what was going to happen in the next couple of months much less years but if there's one thing I know for sure is that life is amazing and when you're going through a difficult time through gods grace and your faith anything is possible … ???❤️ #godissogood ———————————————— #blessed #changeyourlife #ownit #lightthematch #alwaysinpursuit #queenb #iamherbalife #iamofthislife #100lbs #fueledbyherbalife #watchme #orjoinme #livethelifeyoulove #lovethelifeyoulive #wellnesscoach #healthcoach #herbalife24 #fitness #fitchick #powerupfit #bestlifeever #dreams #fitspo #noexcuses #motivation #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #joinmyteam

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Betsy’s brother suggested she changed her diet and maybe that would make her feel better. Betsy didn’t have much time to cook, so she decided to cut down on fatty foods and sweets and added nutritional shakes to her diet.

She started feeling better and had lost already 60 pounds in four months when she found out her husband was cheating on her. She discovered a few messages exchanged between her husband and his mistress where they would both insult Betsy and her weight, calling her derogatory names.

With all of that going on, Betsy decided she wasn’t going to throw a pity party for herself. She was headstrong about changing the course of her life.

She cut out all processed foods from her diet and began working out with her sister.  As she started seeing results, Betsy stuck to a high protein diet and joined a gym. She worked hard and her total weight loss was an astonishing 103 pounds!

Betsy is now one hot mama and gained so much more than her confidence back when set herself to change her health and appearance.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Betsy says: ”I was always very negative and had a chip on my shoulder because I was unhappy with me. I’m happier, I’m confident and most of all I’m positive. I know that I’m capable of so much and I’m so happy to set a good example for my daughter which is extremely important for me.”

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