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Emotional Video of Newborn Hugging Her Mom Seconds After Delivery Will Warm Your Heart


Image Credit: Facebook/Brenda Coelho

There’s nothing as beautiful and pure as the bond between mother and baby. After so much anticipation for the baby’s arrival, getting to meet them for the first time is a magical moment.

Brenda Coelho de Souza, 24, had her baby delivered by C-section at the Santa Monica Hospital in Espirito Santo, Brazil. We often think of C-sections as an impersonal and clinical way of baby delivery, leaving very little emotion left for the mom in the childbirth process.

Little Agata didn’t want her mom to miss out on her first moments and gave her parents moments that they will cherish forever.

As soon as she was removed from her mother’s womb, Agata was placed onto her mom’s chest, right next to Brenda’s face, as they do to any healthy newborn baby right after delivery, so they can be comforted and take in their mom’s scent.

Agatha was so happy to finally meet her mom that she could not stop hugging and kissing Brenda, as to almost say ”I’m finally here, mommy! I love you so much!”

Watch the magical moment between the two of them. We can guarantee it will melt your heart!

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Via: DailyMail

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