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This Dog Was About To Be Put Down Until Someone Came to His Rescue. Now You Won’t Believe What He’s Trained To Do!

Like so many other beautiful and sweet dogs around the world, Charlie was about to meet his fate when he was surrendered by his previous owner and put on a kill list at one of the many animal shelters in New York City.


His previous owners stated that he was “completely untrainable, destructive, bitter, dumb and that he just ‘’didn’t listen’’. What they didn’t know or care to learn was that Charlie is deaf.


? where my bitches at?!? ?. ——————- #tongueouttuesday #dalmatian #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog

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That’s until his new mom, Colleen, who was searching for a new pup, adopted this beautiful boy, and Charlie’s life took a turn for the better!

Now he is a pampered dog, and his mom learned American Sign Language to help Charlie understand basic commands like, sit, stay, heel, lie down, and adapted it to help him understand it.

After 6 months of extensive training, Charlie is now a service and therapy dog.

Charlie has an adorable and impressive Instagram account, where he parades his beautiful self and awesome adventures!

??I always feel like somebody's watching me ??

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Being deaf hasn’t stood on his way of being an awesome dog!

#dogtrainingtiptuesday How do you call a #deafdog to you? Part one- teaching them to look at you IN YOUR FACE. Over time Charlie learned to look at me for instruction every minute of so ( I hide from him if he doesn't then he freaks out- now it's our game) . Part two teaching them the "come here" sign on leash. Then gradually work your way to a vibration collar like the one he has on in this photo. It's like a phone vibrate on his neck. deaf dogs are sensitive to it so as soon as he feels it, he stops what he is doing and looks for me and comes BOLTING over for a treat?. Now he is trusted fully off leash! You can do a similar style of training for hearing dogs. Trust = off leash fun with your puppy ? dogs that don't come because they are stubborn (cough cough don't have proper training or you are just doing the wrong thing without realizing it) – photo by @christianshenouda – Questions?

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Charlie’s story shows us that no dogs are broken to the point of being abandoned. They offer us friendship and unconditional love. Please consider adopting a shelter animal. You will save a life and gain a best furry friend forever!

Somewhere over the Rainbow…. ?

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Visit Charlie on Instagram to learn more about him and his new adventures!

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Via: Huffington Post

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