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400 Students Show Up At Sick Teacher’s House. The Reason Is Nothing Short of Amazing.


There’s no doubt teachers play a big role in our lives while in school. Some more than others will leave a positive, lasting impression on their students. Sometimes, the only encouragement someone may get is from a teacher, pushing them hard and inspiring them to be better than they possibly think they can be.

Ben Ellis was one of those amazing teachers. He taught Bible and Latin at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. Last December, he was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer and had been fighting this horrible disease with the support of his wife, children and community.

Since his diagnosis, love poured in from all directions, especially from his students, past and present. Even students that he taught over 15 years ago wanted to let him know much he was loved and appreciated.

When Ben and his wife shared bad news regarding his health, his students wanted to see him. All of them. The school’s principal, Nate Morrow, decided that the best way to cheer up their beloved teacher was to get the students to perform a song for Ben since he always found comfort through reading the Bible and worshiping God through hymns and songs.

The night before, all the students rehearsed a song and the next morning, buses were loaded up and headed to Ben’s house.


In the video, you can see the delight and emotion on the teacher’s face as he watches from his window this beautiful choir of students and faculty members singing ”Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here”‘.

“It overwhelmed me that God would fill that many students with that much love not just for me but for one another, that we have this community that was built on loving one another instead of worried about their own self. It was a miracle. Thin voice but big microphone, you know? Take the opportunity not only to love others but to receive love from other people, which is often so much more difficult, and trust God that letting others love you, and know you, can make a huge difference” Ellis said to WKRN-TV.

The video caught the attention of singer Tim McGraw and since he shared it, the video has more than 28 million views, inspiring people all over the world.

In an interview to Good Morning America, Ben expressed how thankful he was by his students loving gesture. “In that moment, I felt like I was not alone”.


Sadly, Mr. Ellis passed away a few days after the students serenaded him at his home. He left his pupils with some powerful words: ”I love you. I believe now, more than ever, that God is good, and that He is with us. I am full of hope, peace, and joy. I wish all this for you. Look to Jesus to know, to believe, and to be filled.”

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