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10 Fabulous Things To Do If You Are Single On Valentine’s Day


Heart shaped chocolate boxes with half-eaten contents in them, a couple empty bottles of wine in the kitchen and one sad girl, sitting on the sofa in her pajamas, with tissues in her hand to wipe the tears streaming down her face as she watches a romantic comedy movie, loathing people in love. That’s the image the media likes to portray of a single woman on Valentine’s Day and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yeah, some of them would like to have someone to be with on this special day, but for some reason, that’s not the reality and nobody should be sticking to a bad relationship, or entering one just for the sake of not being alone. The truth is, we all need to learn to be alone, to love to spend time on getting to know ourselves better, have fun and in turn, know what we want in a partner and look for the right person. No more frogs to kiss!

You don’t have to fit society’s standards. You never know, a special someone will come along at the moment when you least expect it, but until then, take a look at these fabulous ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day as a Single Lady, and love it!

  1. Go Out  

Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holiday and have fun. There are many bars, lounges and nightclubs that offer events for singles only. Gather your best friends, doll yourself up and celebrate your freedom!

  1. Friends Only Dinner 

    Flickr/Matthew Hurst

Gather your single friends for a dinner party at your favorite restaurant for a truly special night. Just make sure it’s not an ultra romantic, candle-lit restaurant.

3. Host a Party  


Hosting a party for your single friends can be a satisfying way of spending Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves a theme party and the fun you’ll have planning and hosting the bash will fulfill your day.

4. Treat Yourself


Is there anything you’ve been wanting for a while but thought you shouldn’t splurge? Buy it! Life’s too short and you’re worth it!

5. Girls Only Night In

Plan a girls-only night in, order food and have plenty of chocolate, wine and popcorn available. Use the night in to apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair, do a home facial and do each other’s manicure while watching a girl power movie.

6. Spa Day

There’s nothing like being pampered and a day at the spa can definitely make you feel special. Bring along a friend or two for a tranquil and soothing experience.

7. Getaway For One

Remember that part about loving your own company? Going on a trip by yourself is one of the best ways to learn that you don’t need anyone by your side to have a good time. Plan a getaway for one to a place where you’ve been desiring to go for a while but kept putting it off. Whether you decide to go to Paris or just 50 miles away from your home, be determined to get out of your comfort zone and have fun!

8. Choose a Hobby

If hanging out with your friends is not how you envision spending Valentine’s Day, spend some time doing what you love but rarely can because of your schedule. Whether it’s daring to try a new recipe, finishing that book on your nightstand, playing video games or starting a Netflix marathon, make sure you make this day memorable.

9. Plan a Secret Valentine

Exchanging gifts is one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day. Just because you’re not dating, you don’t have to skip on the gift-giving tradition. Gather your single friends and plan a secret valentine. Write their names on small pieces of paper and draw them from a hat. Everyone gets to have fun picking a small gift for each other, along with a choice of chocolate, flowers or a teddy bear. It’s fun and you get to celebrate love with your friends.

10. Spread the Love


Spreading and received love on Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to people in romantic relationships. In many countries around the world, this day is celebrated as an opportunity to show love and appreciation to family, friends, partners and most people in our daily lives.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to create a better world and show love for your community. If your day is filled with other activities and volunteering is not an option, make sure to remind the people in your life that they are loved and appreciated. All it takes is a quick phone call or text message. It will be more appreciated than you’ll ever know.

Have another idea of a fabulous way for a single girl to enjoy Valentine’s Day?

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