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Girl Starts Singing to Great-Grandmother. What Happens Next Will Leave You in Tears.

Pic credit: Facebook/Holly Erway

It is believed music can reach deep into one’s soul. It can bring you memories and feelings back, as well as create new memorable ones.

Not many of us had the privilege to grow up with grandparents, or even more fortunate, great-grandparents. They are a blessing and the wisdom and love they share can shape one’s life.

Olivia Erway’s great-grandma has Alzheimer’s, a cruel disease that impairs an alarming number of seniors. The worst symptom of this horrendous illness is the permanent memory loss they suffer. It robs them of the beautiful memories collected over a lifetime.

In this lovely moment recorded by a family member, Olivia sings the hymn ”How Great Thou Art” to her great-grandma. The moment is beyond precious!

Olivia delivers this amazing hymn in a sweet, yet powerful voice, while her granny listens. Out of nowhere, the grandma starts singing along with Olivia!

The hymn certainly reached into her soul and most likely jogged a memory that was so familiar to her for so many years.

For the families with someone afflicted by this disease, even a few moments of clarity are a balsam for the soul since they have, even for a brief moment, the person they learned to love, back.

We are certain the Erway family will treasure this moment forever!

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Sweet moment as I asked Olivia to sing for her great grandmother and she started to sing along. Olivia Erway Camron…

Posted by Holly Erway on Monday, May 9, 2016

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