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20 Amazing Wedding Cakes That Will Give You Wedding Fever


Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons to tie the knot. The warm weather, the flowers in bloom, and late sunsets create the perfect backdrop for a perfect day to celebrate love with family and friends.

The options to create a stunning wedding reception are greater than in any other season to make it fun and unique.

There are two focal points in a wedding. The bride and the cake (sorry, groom!).

Wedding cakes have been present at ceremonies for centuries and it comes with its own traditions. It’s much more than a reception centerpiece, it’s a symbol of the couple’s union and a promise to forever provide for each other. What’s not to love about it?

Every year bakers and cake designers come up with amazing ideas and with that in mind, we created a selection of wedding cakes that hopefully will draw some oohs and aahs from you!

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1. Simple and Stunning Naked Cake 

Erica Obrien Cake Design


2. Unique Typography Cake 

Sweet and Saucy Shop


3. Traditional Rose Tiered Cake 

Perfect Endings


4. Delicate Ruffled Pink Ombre Cake

Hall of Cakes


5. Amazing Amethyst Geode Wedding Cake

Intricate Icings Cake Design


6. Enchanted Forest Birch Tree Cake 



7. Adorable Hand Painted Love Birds Cake

Nadia & Co.


8. Chic Chinoiserie Wedding Cake

Nadia & Co.


9. Amazing ”Midnight Garden” Silhouette Cake

Rosalind Miller Cakes


10.Old-Fashioned Hipster Chalkboard Wedding Cake

Artisan Cake Company


11. Intricate White Henna Cake

Martha Stewart Weddings


12. Sweet E.E. Cummings Wedding Cake



13. Charming Birdcage Cake



14. Exquisite Stained Glass Cake

Maggie Austin Cake


15. Ombre Enchanted Butterfly Cake

Pink Cake Box


16. Lily of the Valley Cake


17. Whimsical Woodland Fairytale Cake 


18. Colorful Mexican Inspired Cake

Kakes by Karen 


19. Elegant Secret Garden Cake

Frost Cake Co


20. Disney Fairy Tale Cake

Disney Weddings
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