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12 Easy Hairstyles For When You’re Having a Bad Hair Day

Busy mornings can irritate the most calm, organized and well-rested woman. Even when you plan your outfit the day before, there’s still makeup to be put on and the decision of what to do with all that fuzz sitting on your head, especially if it’s a bad hair day.

We selected 12 easy hairstyles that will hopefully give you a few more minutes in bed and make you go from frumpy to fabulous without having to spend hours in front of the mirror working on a flop, cursing every single generation of whoever gave you that idea to begin with.

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  1. Heatless Headband Waves
    Hairstyle Instructions at Luxy Hair

    Image Credit: Luxy Hair
  2. Twisted Crown Braid
    Hairstyle Instructions at Twist Me Pretty

    Image Credit: Twist Me Pretty


  3. Vintage Ponytail
    Hairstyle Instructions at The Beauty Department

    Image Credit: The Beauty Department
  4. 5-Minute Romantic Updo
    Hairstyle Instructions at Makeup Wearables

    Image Credit: Makeup Wearables


  5. Low Rolled Updo For Short Hair
    Hairstyle Instructions at Lulus 

    Image Credit: Lulus
  6. Chunky Flat Twist-Out For Natural Hair
    Hairstyle Instructions at Sumetra Reed

    Image Credit: Sumetra Reed


  7. Low Bun
    Hairstyle Instructions at A Beautiful Mess

    Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess


  8. Faux Bangs
    Hairstyle Instructions at Ashna

    Image Credit: YouTube Video Snapshot


  9. Half-Up Party Lob
    Hairstyle Instructions at Lulus

    Image Credit: Lulus


  10. Easy Half Up Do With An Accent Braid
    Hairstyle Instructions at Yet Another Beauty Site

    Image Credit: Yet Another Beauty Site


  11. 3-Minute Bubble Bun
    Hairstyle Instructions at Makeup Wearables

    Image Credit: YouTube Video Snapshot
  12. Simple Swept Braid
    Hairstyle Instructions at 

    Image Credit: The Small Things Blog

    Via The Small Things Blog

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